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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IV hydration therapy?

IV hydration therapy is a method of delivering fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into your bloodstream. It is a fast and effective way to rehydrate your body and replenish essential nutrients.

Is IV hydration therapy safe?

For your safety, we cannot provide IV hydration therapy to minors under 18 years old, pregnant individuals, or those with certain medical conditions such as heart, liver, or kidney problems. Prior to treatment at Fuzion IV Drip, we will review your medical history and vital signs to ensure eligibility for IV hydration therapy.

What can I expect during an IV hydration therapy session?

During an IV hydration therapy session, you will be seated comfortably while a licensed medical professional inserts a small catheter into your vein. The IV drip will then deliver fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly into your bloodstream.

Is there any downtime after an IV hydration therapy session?

There is typically no downtime after an IV hydration therapy session. You can resume your normal activities immediately.

What are the benefits of IV hydration therapy?

​IV hydration therapy can help improve energy levels, boost immunity, aid in recovery, and improve overall health and wellness.

Are you able to take insurance for payment?

Insurance coverage is not available for our therapy, and all patients are expected to pay for our services directly using cash or credit cards. The cost of the therapy will be the responsibility of the patient.

How often should I get IV hydration therapy?

IV hydration therapy frequency varies depending on individual needs and health goals.  Factors such as overall health, lifestyle habits, and specific health conditions affect the frequency. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions may benefit some, while occasional treatments may be sufficient for others.

How long does an IV hydration therapy session take?

The length of an IV hydration therapy session can vary depending on the specific treatment and individual needs. Generally, a session can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. 

Which areas do you service?

We currently serve the following areas: Sugar Land, Heights, Missouri City, and Pearland. If you are unsure if we can provide service to your location, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How much does IV hydration therapy cost?

The cost of our IV hydration therapy sessions ranges from  $85 to $175, which includes the cost of the IV drip and travel fee. Our IM shots are priced at $35 per shot. We strive to provide affordable and accessible IV hydration and IM shot therapy to our clients. Please note that we also offer package deals and promotions from time to time, so be sure to check our website or contact us for more information

What are the potential side effects?

Most people don't experience any side effects or only have minor ones such as discomfort, bruising, or redness at the insertion site that typically go away within a few days. Allergic reactions are rare but could occur. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, please avoid the injection. Seek emergency medical care if you have symptoms like throat swelling, rash, low blood pressure, or anaphylaxis.

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